The good nurse
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The Good Nurse

The good nurse
The good nurse


The good Nurse. Amy Loughren is shocked when Charlie Cullen, one of her colleagues, is found responsible for the murder of dozens of patients over a period of sixteen years, across two states and nine hospitals, without being charged.

Cast and crew

The Good Nurse is a 2022 American drama film starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne and features the serial killer Charles Cullen and the fellow nurse who suspects him. The film is based on the 2013 true-crime book of the same name by Charles Graeber. It is directed by Tobias Lindholm and written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns. The film also stars Nnamdi AsomughaKim Dickens, and Noah Emmerich.

This is one of those beautiful movies about real-time events that depicts the good and bad of what a person can be. It is a well-scripted movie, and it is cinematically shot well.


I couldn’t find many faults with this beautiful movie. Aside from two errors that came from the editor and the director. The first error I noticed was the wrong use of shots, or, shall I say, the wrong misinterpretation of shots by the director.

The scene where Danny and the representative of the hospital, Mrs. Garran, had an altercation. The director was trying to give power to each of the characters by using a low angle shot. It’s a misinterpretation of shots. One of the characters (Mrs. Garran) was cajoled into fear by frustration and anger dispatched by the police officer. Mrs. Garran was given a low angle shot, though she felt threatened, weaker and had to comply. This is a fatal error that could have actually been corrected at post-production.

The second error was a continuity error observed in the scene where Amy was on the hospital bed, trying to remove the oxygen tube attached to her nose. We could see that her hand went towards removing the tube first in the initial frame, and when the editor cut to the next frame, her hand was lifted all over again, trying to remove the tube. This is a big blunder from the editor. Aside from these, this movie is a good one that will summon the good person in each and every one of us to act when we notice that something is wrong about someone or a situation. So we will rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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