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Soole is a very interesting story, in fact, I was laughing out loud at some point while watching it, but…


A crooked bus driver solicits passengers at exorbitant ticket prices, assembling a varied bunch for the long ride to Enugu.

Cast and crew

 Soole, a 2021 Nigerian-comedy film produced by Adunni Ade, distributed by FilmOne entertainment, and directed by Kayode Kasum. The film is Adunni Ade‘s debut production. It stars Sola SobowaleLateef AdedimejiFemi JacobsMeg OtanwaShawn FaquaBukunmi Oluwasina, Eso DikeTeniola AladeseSaidi Balogun amongst others.


The very first thing that was off about this beautiful story was the title. That’s a wrongly given title. Considering the circumstances attached to the beginning of the movie, which is a very popular but unfortunate situation that happens most times in the south-west region of the country, the title doesn’t fit. It should have been a title that correlated with the situation. It’s unfortunate that it was attached to a wrong geographical part of the country. 

The story is a good and interesting one, but it was badly put together by the director. Maybe it was the way the writer put the plots together? A poor nun going to the park to catch a less expensive bus may not be able to afford to hire a taxi.

The director really destroyed this movie with a lack of proper research. A soole bus will and can never be at the park; why did the bus took off from the park? The driver attested that his boss sent him to pick up his family at Enugu, which shows that he has little knowledge of how commercial vehicles operate. This bring us to the question; why was he at the park? The way some movie directors think and operate can be be irrational.

The only major problem this movie had was bad directing. A novice will attest to this with the way the bus was moving throughout the duration of the movie. A bus traveling down to the eastern part was moving like a snail having an evening stroll. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how this movie got accepted by Netflix.

Q and C issues

Another issue I had with the film was that some of the shots didn’t match up. Even though I think that it was shot on a single camera. How did this movie pass Netflix‘s Q & C? As usual, something fishy is going on.

Does this mean that a reputable distribution company like Netflix has also been introduced to the corrupted lifestyle of the Nigerian film industry, that someone can be bribed to help pass Q and C? We really need to do better with our filmmaking and storytelling style. There are so many errors in this movie that if I continue, it will look like I had a beef with the people who made it. I’m only a film lover who wants this industry to grow with better quality and storytelling styles.

We will rate this movie 3 stars out of 5. If you would like to see some other reviews, you can check here. Thanks for reading through.

Olayinka Johnson is a Nigeria born Filmmaker, Film lover, Film critic, 3d artist and an Animator. Born and bred in the heart of Lagos during the mid 80’s. His love for story telling made him ventured into the act of Filmmaking thereby learning from the Industry expert. He has worked on various productions(Musical videos, TV Programs, and Films) as a hired crew member and have also produced and directed some Short Films for himself.

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