Nigerian movies on Netflix - Ayinla
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Nigerian Movies on Netflix – Ayinla

Nigerian Movies on Netflix - Ayinla

Nigerian Movies on Netflix – Ayinla is the story about a late popular Yoruba musician(Ayinla Omowura) who died from a prescribed spiritual attack from a colleague in the industry. Directed by Tunde Kelani, the big evergreen filmmaker.

Ayinla’s character was perfected by the popular Yoruba Actor(Lateef Adedimeji). Ayinla is the story of a late Nigerian Apala musician who had a fight with some colleagues, his former manager Bayou, played by the popular skit maker(Debo Adebowale a.k.a Mr. Marcaroni). The movie laid emphasis on the fulfilled life of the popular Yoruba musician. It’s why it ranked as one of the best Nigerian Movies on Netflix as at today. It’s an interesting biopic a lot of art lovers were waiting for. As of film lovers who have been waiting for this beautiful story, I’d say watching it was a big disappointment to the love of art itself.

The major thing that knocked me off totally about the movie was the fact that the actor ‘Lateef Adedimeji’ who played the lead and also the character of the late musician, Ayinla Omowura had to mime the songs he was performing in the movie. Nollywood why nau? I was expecting a real live performance with live musical exhibitions, but it never appeared through out. That’s not a good idea, I think. It’s a slap and a huge disappointment to the whole of Nigerian movie industry.

Another major thing that knocked me off about the movie was the poor editing the film had. Some scenes had shots that were poorly colour balanced. Shots not matching together. Bad edit in-between and sound going off. These professional errors really saddens me a lot because, how could a movie that’ll be streaming on Netflix be this bad? How could the director; Tunde Kelani who is an enigma and a household name in the industry let such horrible mistakes from the editor fly? It baffles and amazed me.

In between all of those professional errors the movie accumulated, it was an interesting movie to watch. I enjoyed every bit of it till the last moment and pray that the industry gets better. I will be rating it 2.5stars out 5stars. If you will like to see other movie reviews on my blog, you can click here. Thank you for going through my review of this beautiful film. Have a wonderful day.

Olayinka Johnson is a Nigeria born Filmmaker, Film lover, Film critic, 3d artist and an Animator. Born and bred in the heart of Lagos during the mid 80’s. His love for story telling made him ventured into the act of Filmmaking thereby learning from the Industry expert. He has worked on various productions(Musical videos, TV Programs, and Films) as a hired crew member and have also produced and directed some Short Films for himself.

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