My Projects

These are my previous projects. Go through the description for analysis.

Table for Two

Table for Two is a short film I worked on about four years ago. It’s a story centred around waiting endlessly for a love life. It’s a successful short film which screened at various film festivals globally. Below is a link to the film on my Youtube channel if you will love to watch it. Thanks.

Asake is an Afro-futurism short film I worked on some months ago. The project was specifically shot on a smart phone. It’s a story of a man who couldn’t get over the love he have for his late wife. In order to keep her memory alive, he decided to venture into an adventure of making a robotic version of her, so as to have a daily conversation with. Two other sequels are in development so as to have a complete version of this wonderful story. Below is a link to watch it on our Youtube channel.

Paddle is a Nigerian short animation film I worked on exclusively and released during the heat of the pandemic. It’s a story about a fisherman’s boy who is afraid of the sea. His father had to take him into the heart of the ocean to help him fight his fear. Below is the link to watch it.