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Far from home series



Far from home series, a Nigerian teen depicts social differences, struggled as a young artist’s, and faces the consequences of the worst decisions he will ever make.

Far from Home series Plot

Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), an aspiring artist, had various obstacles in his way that prevented him from reaching his dream destination. His father, Paul Adams, was an artist who did painting to make his living at an earlier stage of his life. Ishaya’s father had an accident that cost him his legs and one of his sons, Dauda. 

Ever Since then, Ishaya’s mother, Funke Akindele, has hated the idea of painting and her husband’s addiction to art. Just like Ishaya, his sister Rahila had dreams of studying at a renowned academic institution named Wilmer Academy. Though she was a talented student who loved to read, she will also have to pay a huge sum of money for the entrance exam. This is required to get a scholarship and admission to Wilmer Academy. This discouraged her, and she dropped the plan to study there.

Ishaya had a plan that was not very honest; he saw a leaked answer of the entrance test at Wilmer Academy. This will make the best student earn a certain amount of money in the form of a grant. He shared this with Rahila, who didn’t buy into it as she would have preferred a more honest route. Ishaya decided to take advantage of the situation. Hoping that if he jump at this blurry opportunity, he would be able to pass the test and win the grant. He had no other option than to steal. So, he stole some money from the owner of the pub(Rush), where he was working as a waiter to pay for the Wilmer Academy registration fee. 

Another turn

Unfortunately, fate played a good game with Ishaya, as he eventually passed the test and won the grant. But after the academy fees and other utility bills were deducted from the grant, Ishaya was left with almost nothing as he was given only 5,000 Naira as the remaining amount from the grant. The owners of the pub, Government, played by Bucci Franklin, and Rambo, played by Bolanle Ninolowo, came after him for the money he stole from them. 

With an option of paying back in a week or loose Rahila to Rush. Where she will be exploited and made to work as a stripper. Ishaya’s fate nosedived into another adventure of illegal drug dealing in order to raise the money and pay Rush’s owner for the release of his sister, Rahila, who was forcefully taken away by Rambo and the government.

Far from Home series Cast and Crew

Far From Home series was created by Chinaza Onuzo and Dami Elebe. The series was directed by Catherine Stewart, Kayode Kasum and Kenneth Gyang. It stars notable actors like: Bolanle Ninolowo, Bucci Franklin, Funke Akindele, Paul Adams, Mike Afolarin, e.t.c.

Review and Rating

Far from Home is one of the few beautiful series from these shores, I must confess. Everything about this series feels so good that I was glued to my screen while watching. It preaches the morals of hard work and being honest. The cast and crew did a wonderful job without being biased. But the series had some shortcomings. 

I feel the series should have had another episode. It felt rushed in the last episode, thereby not highlighting some issues around the last episode’s plots very well. 

The series feels too groovy with its costumes. The indecent dressings might be too much for high school students from a geographical area of the country that’s lashed with a culture of good upbringings. I believe this could have been taken into consideration, as it’s not an American school or culture.

Aside from these, the series is perfect in every other area. So we will be rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you would like to read some other reviews, you can click here. Thank you.

Olayinka Johnson is a Nigeria born Filmmaker, Film lover, Film critic, 3d artist and an Animator. Born and bred in the heart of Lagos during the mid 80’s. His love for story telling made him ventured into the act of Filmmaking thereby learning from the Industry expert. He has worked on various productions(Musical videos, TV Programs, and Films) as a hired crew member and have also produced and directed some Short Films for himself.

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