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Fall Movie 2022

Fall movie 2022
Fall movie 2022


FALL movie 2022 is the story of two best friends Becky and Hunter. For these two, life is all about conquering fears and pushing limits. However, after they climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower, they find themselves stranded with no way down. Now, their expert climbing skills are put to the ultimate test as they desperately fight to survive the elements, a lack of supplies, and vertigo-inducing heights.

Cast and key crew

The film was directed and co-written by Scott Mann. Starring Grace Caroline CurreyVirginia GardnerMason Gooding, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


FALL movie 2022 is an intriguing film that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I watched it. The first error I noticed and will hold the director responsible for is a faulty and not properly outlined screenplay. They could have corrected some of the errors before commencing shooting.

I don’t know how or why a person who is still in the trauma of losing a lover to the cold hands of death by falling from the top of a cliff could be convinced to go back and climb a high tower just around three months after the incident with her lover happened. No, that’s a fictitious plot; I don’t see that happening in real life. I believe the director could have worked on something more believable, like having a tangible reason aside from going up there to pour away her lover’s remains. For heaven’s sake, she is still in trauma; maybe a year or two after would have been better. 

The second error was when Hunter died and she had to be pulled up by Becky. No, that is also unbelievable. That scene wasn’t shot properly according to what the story was trying to depict. Hunter climbing up while Becky watches could have been a perfect way to show the audience that Becky had been talking to her imagination the entire time Hunter was presumed dead. Hunter even handed Becky the feeder to drink from. At some point, Becky even had to touch and hold Hunter by the hands after she climbed up to her. That’s a beautiful mistake.

I also believe that in such situation, which the two friends found themselves, they would have actually been able to climb down easily if they had been innovative. They could have tie some fabrics together and use it to climb down by placing it around their waist and the long pole, then slope down gently.


So I believe the director should have given the audience a better plot than being stuck on a tower. A professional climber will get down from that tower easily. I, as a person, will most definitely climb down from that tower. So why not make it so believable?

We will be rating it 3.5/5stars. If you will like to see some other reviews, you can check here. Thanks for reading through.

Olayinka Johnson is a Nigeria born Filmmaker, Film lover, Film critic, 3d artist and an Animator. Born and bred in the heart of Lagos during the mid 80’s. His love for story telling made him ventured into the act of Filmmaking thereby learning from the Industry expert. He has worked on various productions(Musical videos, TV Programs, and Films) as a hired crew member and have also produced and directed some Short Films for himself.

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