Nigerian Series

Nigerian series, these are series or serial made by a Nigerian filmmaker or studio.

  • Shanty Town Netflix
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    Shanty Town Netflix

    Shanty Town Netflix Synopsis A group of courtesans tries to get away from a notorious kingpin, but they are nearly hard to release due to political corruption and family ties. Plot Shanty Town Netflix, A mother wakes up her twin teenage daughters, but before they can say a morning prayer, thugs with automatic rifles storm the area. The mother is asked to display her “nakedness” after a guy breaks into the women’s shack. One of the sisters is shot, along with the man who assisted the family in escaping the mayhem and bloodshed. One of the sisters was shot dead, and the man who helped them escape. A group of men and women making and packing drugs for the neighbourhood kingpin, Scar, are visible 18 years later (Chidi Mokeme). However, he has numerous women working…

  • far-from-home-series
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    Far from home series

    Synopsis Far from home series, a Nigerian teen depicts social differences, struggled as a young artist’s, and faces the consequences of the worst decisions he will ever make. Far from Home series Plot Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), an aspiring artist, had various obstacles in his way that prevented him from reaching his dream destination. His father, Paul Adams, was an artist who did painting to make his living at an earlier stage of his life. Ishaya’s father had an accident that cost him his legs and one of his sons, Dauda.  Ever Since then, Ishaya’s mother, Funke Akindele, has hated the idea of painting and her husband’s addiction to art.…