Matilda Remake
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1. Matilda Remake; should you watch it?

Matilda remake
Matilda remake

Matilda remake Synopsis

Matilda the Musical is the story of a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence and psychokinetic powers who, with the support of her teacher, tries to rid her school of its evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull.

Matilda remake Plot

  • A young girl named Matilda Wormwood (Alisha Weir) has the worst parents ever and a great deal of curiosity, intelligence, and imagination. She loves to get lost in the pages of her favorite novels while her parents, Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough, satisfy themselves with trashy TV and dubious money-making ideas. She is a silent watcher, coming up with cute and clever ways to rebel and exact payback where they are loud, selfish, and rude. Matilda is inspired when she first meets Miss Honey, her inspiring teacher, (Lashana Lynch), and she starts making up her own magical stories. When Matilda arrives at Crunchem Hall excited to start school, she is shocked to find the institution to be a dark and dreary place overseen by the enormous and evil Miss Trunchbull (Emma Thompson). In addition. Along with the sweet Miss Honey, the story-loving librarian Mrs. Phelps (Sindhu Vee), and Matilda’s newly discovered school mates are the shining lights amidst the meanness. Matilda, who is overcome by a strong sense of justice, dares to speak up for what is right and give Trunchbull a lesson she won’t soon forget. The inspiring musical adaptation of Matilda by Roald Dahl tells the story of a wonderful girl who discovers her superpower and musters the strength to help others alter their tales while simultaneously taking control of her own destiny in the face of incredible difficulties. She achieves spectacular outcomes when she stands up for what is right. The movie was released on.Netflix late December, 2022.

Matilda Remake Cast and Crew

 Matilda remake was directed by Matthew Warchus from a screenplay written by Dennis Kelly. An adaptation of the 2011 stage musical of the same name by Warchus, Kelly, and Tim Minchin, which in turn is based on the 1988 novel Matilda by Roald Dahl, the film, co-produced by TriStar PicturesWorking Title Films, and Netflix, is also the second film adaptation of the novel, after the 1996 film (also produced by TriStar). The film stars Alisha Weir as the title character, alongside Lashana LynchStephen GrahamAndrea RiseboroughSindhu Vee, and Emma Thompson.

Rating and Review

We believe that the major antagonist of the movie looks weak compared to the 1996 version, which was also produced by TriStar. The character, Mrs. Trunchbull, doesn’t appear gigantic enough physically. This made her look approachable and could be easily challenged by minors through out the duration of the movie. There were a lot of adjustments made to suit the protagonist of the movie; these adjustments made the movie look feeble and lost its main concept. 

We will be giving a rating of 3 out of 5stars for this beautiful musical film.

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